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Website Design + Development

Charlottesville based web designer specializing in designing and building Squarespace websites for small and start up businesses in Central Virginia. 


Producing a clean, user-friendly design is what I pride myself in doing. Here are a few steps, which I follow in order to deliver clients their custom design. 

Planning Stages


Gathering all ideas

Client Goals

Target Audience

Content for the Website

The planning stage is perhaps the most important stage in the entire process when building your website.  This is the stage where I will take the time to learn about you and more importantly, your business needs.  Before diving into any new project or even a refresh it’s very important to address these key areas.  Just remember your website is a direct reflection of you and your business.  

The first step is gathering all the ideas for the project then we can determine your goals for the project. What is the purpose of the website? Without purpose in mind it’s hard to have a solid direction for the project. Next we will want to define your target audience. This is a vital step because location and demographics play a huge part in the success of any business.  Lastly, and most important, is the content of the website.  When you have the right content in place it speaks to your audience and gives them a clear understanding of what is being offered.   

Thoughts that need to be addressed: 

Purpose | What is the purpose of the site?

Goals | What are you hoping to accomplish by building the site? 

Target Audience | Is there a specific group that will help you reach your goals?

Content | What kind of information will the target audience be looking for on the site? 



The design stage is where everything begins to take shape for the client’s website.

I will begin to put the pieces together; this involves moving all of the information that was gathered in the planning stage into reality. The visual layout of the website is beginning to take shape. I like to share with the clients some of the images just so they can begin to see the project unfold. At this time they can review and give feedback on the progress

The Steps: 

Design | The ideas taking shape

Mock ups | The foundation and framing  

Review | Clients feedback on the layout design

Changing the layout ( if required)


The development stage is the bulk of the entire project. This is the stage where all of the edits in code (CSS, HTML, JavaScript) and programming take place.  When creating a custom website design it’s always important to keep the small things in mind. Technology plays a large part of our everyday lives, so I will make sure that your website is mobile friendly and works seamlessly/looks good on whatever device you are using. I take the time to load all of the content provided from the client this where attention to detail is vital.


Building and developing | Making sure that all the pieces are falling in place 

Coding | Special Features CSS ,HTML, SEO

Development & interactivity | Testing on all internet browsers    

Content Filling |  Adding all images and copy 

Responsiveness | Making sure the design works on mobile devices  

J. anderson designs makes sure your website works on major internet browsers: